Last day of Movember and some new musings….

Last day of Movember and some new musings....

So after a long month (according to the beard growers!) these are the before and after pics for Jack and Brian (aka “who is that grown man” and “when did I marry Walt the Meth dealer?”)!!!
Jack has decided to leave his for now and see where it continues to go-grow… and Brian couldn’t shave his off fast enough yesterday! I can attest to its very course feel and may have resisted a kiss here and there for fear of major skin abrasions on my face! Brian decided that it would be the perfect armor in a zombie apocalypse since it would certainly provide a shield of protection against those undead teeth…. regardless it was a fun experiment and we’ll see if they do it again next year… (maybe only if we sense a zombie uprising!)
So life in Brasilia continues to move along…. everyone is busy with work, school, socializing and the never-ending quest to conquer Portuguese… we are preparing for our month-long trip back home in a few weeks and are making our lists upon lists of what we want to bring back with us… but mostly we are so excited to spend time with our friends and family and hopefully sell everyone on a trip to see us here soon! The Christmas season is here in Brasilia too, with Christmas wreaths and angels out for display — I must admit its hard to truly comprehend its actually Winter and Christmas when I am sweating in my shorts and tank tops daily but if you know me, you know this is truly my dream weather — I can honestly say I do not miss the cold or snow… and I think that after all these years abroad in tropical weather I will easily be able to make the shift and embrace a Sunny Hot Christmas season! So with that warm thought I send you love, joy and peace this Holiday Season – and look forward to seeing you all very soon! oxox Stine