Movember — growing beards and growing tales…

Movember -- my boys!

So Jack and Brian have decided to take the “challenge” and grow mustaches and/or beards for Movember (see if you are unfamiliar with this phenenomon) and here are their clean shaven faces on November 1st — I will keep you all posted on their progress or lack thereof!!
And yes it is N-ovember and it has been over a month since I last posted — we have been busy settling into our new digs! The boys have been quite busy with school and basketball and Ronan just returned from his Basketball tournament in Sao Paulo and Jack leaves next week…We have attended several happy hours and continue to seek out new friends! Our portuguese is still pre-beginner lol, but we keep plugging along and now I understand so fully why foreigners also mix up their verbs and nouns when they try to speak English — most other language are not as complex as ours and they just use the bare minimum of words to get their thoughts across — how practical but of course not easy to go backwards and so I am constantly over complicating my sentences! I need to learn to just say — ” I have hunger” and be done with it — someone will feed me! I have also begun working and that has kept me busy as well — its seems to be both challenging and interesting work and I am so lucky that I was able to secure this position! We also got tickets for the World Cup which was no small feat (and we might have some extras for those of you who weren’t ready to commit yet!), we are in the process of booking our tickets home for Christmas (a whole month!!) and we are making our lists — not Christmas — but wish lists for what we want/need to bring back with us from the States! Next week we have the Marine Ball and then Thanksgiving — no plans yet on that front besides a Flag Football game with the Marines… Our Kombi Shaggy Van continues to shuffle us to and fro and I love the looks I get from the locals as I drive by — a gringo — lady – no less – driving a “working class” car! The rainy season has begun and besides the deluges of rain we also have many many critters, the cicadas cry/shrill all day and the beetles drop dead by the handfuls throughout the house. But when the sun comes out — oh how marvelous it is to be in this country! We are missing you all — but not the cold weather! — and are looking forward to seeing everyone very soon! Till then — keep an eye out for my Movember updates and see what hairy creations Jack and Brian grow! oxox