My daily musings wrapped up in one word – GRATITUDE

My daily musings wrapped up in one word - GRATITUDE

This photo is from a recent sight-seeing trip inside Dom Bosco Cathedral ( and this image has resonated with me over the last few weeks. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity – both good and bad – we have bar-b-qued with friends, gone on a moonlit boat cruise on the Lake, watched our boys play basketball, gone to PTO meetings, stammered through Portuguese classes, navigated our new country in our Shaggy mobile (have I mentioned the “guns” I am getting driving with manual steering!), read 2 wonderful books for book club (Infidel, and The Language of Flowers), broke down with a friend on the side of the road and had to quickly learn some key phrases to find a triple A equivalent!, floated in my pool with my tube from Diani Beach and reflected on those friends and family I miss so much, talked with friends and family on our newly acquired Vonage phone (why did I not do this in Kenya?!!), sent Ronan on his trip to Pantanal (pics to follow), taxied our boys to all their “playdates” (guess I should call them hangouts now that they are teens!), received our sea shipment of households goods – yay -until we realized everything was moldy and I spent the last two weeks unpacking and cleaning or discarding moldy items (who knew you could do 60 loads of laundry in one week!?), finally got to bbq a delicious steak now that our grill is here, laid in my hammock once it was de-molded, and just continued with the day to day activities that engulf us all… and then we got the awful news last Saturday from Nairobi, Kenya — our greatest nightmare while we lived there had happened — pure evil reared it’s ugly head and killed and injured so many people at a place we had just been ourselves 3 short months ago. The grief and despair I felt this past week has been paralyzing at times and I grieve with the friends still there trying to pick up the pieces and move on. It makes one once again take stock of our lives and realize how grateful I am for all the above mentioned experiences (the good and the bad) I had this past few weeks. And while I never will be able to make sense of this atrocity I will take action in the only way I know how — to continue to cherish all that have, this life, my family and friends, and to not take it for granted and to not forget this — we shouldn’t need a reminder of this magnitude to appreciate our lives! So I urge you to take the time to appreciate what you have and to pay that forward — give that street musician a donation, smile at a stranger, thank the check-out girl at the supermarket, spread love wherever you can – I know no other way to combat evil but with pure love — maybe if we spread a message of love everyday it would make a difference in this world — I have to believe it will – that is how I will honor those who paid with their lives so that I could be reminded to value mine. I love and am thankful for you all, I hope that you can make this day and all the ones that follow filled with LOVE, HOPE, FAITH, and GRATITUDE for yourself and for others and to not sweat the small stuff but rather embrace it! oxox


One thought on “My daily musings wrapped up in one word – GRATITUDE

  1. I feel you sis. We are so lucky to have the lives we have. Your writing is so sincere. Miss you. Can’t wait to see you for Christmas.
    Love D

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