Happy Birthday to me from the best family ever…..

Happy Birthday to me from the best family ever.....

What an unbelievable surprise… all my sisters and brothers and wonderful hubby got me a Galaxy SIII — really -I wasn’t hinting on my Kerry Post but apparently I have been talking non-stop about upgrading my dinosaur I-phone 3 and I left the Apple Cult to join the Android believers! Brian tried to tape my surprise as I opened the package that arrived from Sarah but unfortunately he never hit record and while he thought he was taping me, well he wasn’t! But there were tears of joy and maybe a few curses of exclamation — really this was not expected and way too nice of a gesture from you all BUT I promise now to take flawless pictures (first one shown here — from my backyard) and share them all with you — be patient though — the phone was an international version and so everything, including the manual was in French so its taking me quite a while to set up and learn how to use all the awesome features on this phone! (Thank god for Youtube Tutorials!!) and Thank you, thank you, thank you all so so much– I am deeply touched by your love! ox