Really, I am NOT high maintenance but…

Really, I am NOT high maintenance but...

after living out of a suitcase for 3 months, one starts to become irritated over the littlest things — “I have to wear this dress again!” So it was with much glee that both our air shipments (one from Kenya and one from USA which ironically were sent months apart) arrived yesterday! You would have thought that Christmas came early, or that a leprechaun crossed my path! Yes the expat life comes with its perks — world travel, new adventures and a true appreciation of “living simple” — something I have happily embraced — because honestly, we all have way too much “stuff” in our lives!! However, I cannot express how nice it was to cook with more than one cookie sheet, and use my new Ikea dishes (rather that washing the only 4 plates they gave us in our welcome kit!) and most importantly sleeping on my memory foam pillow with my comfy comforter — sometimes you just need the little reminders from “home” to make your new home, just that — “New”… so for now we are in bliss until the big payday hits when our sea shipment arrives in the next few weeks and then I will rant about how we all have “too much stuff”!


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