dedos dos pés

dedos dos pés

So I put on my big girl panties and ventured out to get a pedicure… I know priorities right?! Anyway I was excited because when I asked the day before the price in my broken Portuguese (actually with the help of someone who spoke English) I was told it was 25 Reais which is roughly $11 USD! Definitely fit my frugal criteria! So armed with the portuguese word for Pedicure — lol — which is Pedicure, I also quickly learned toes — dedos dos pés — to make sure there was no confusion! (You know in case my pantomime of painting on my toes was insufficient which I have learned already that someone needs to teach the Portuguese some Charades!!) So I walked confidently into the store and was promptly pantomiming my painting of toes because I had already forgotten the words for toes and then she pointed to her book (so they do understand pantomime?!) and said — I assume — to come back at 14:30 to which I said the only word I know how to say in Portuguese – Obrigada — “Thank you” and left…. now I had 45 minutes to kill so I walked to the Mall and window shopped because I quickly have learned if I actually walk into the stores, I am bombarded with Portuguese and my standard phrase of “não fala Portuguese” (I do not speak Portuguese) was getting old already…. After wishing I could actually speak a sentence or two and at least get a pretzel (yup Annie’s pretzels is here in Brazil!) I meandered back to the nail salon, passing two street musicians and a fruit vendor and again cursing myself that I must learn more words because those plums looked damn good… But back to the real important matter, my pedicure! I went in, picked a color (all standard operations in my book) but then to my dismay I had to put my feet on the girl’s lap and really all my “pedicure” entailed was a polish change — sigh!!! Guess you get what you paid for; I needed a polish change anyway and for 25 Reais I not only got that but a little more confidence and a much needed kick in the butt to log onto that Rosetta Stone…..


The Tusker of Brazil!

The Tusker of Brazil!

So this was my first must have — a local beer brewed in Brazil! It was crisp, light and fairly inexpensive — three of my key criteria. The company sponsors Carnivale in Rio and I love their latest “innovation”:
During the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the high consumption of alcoholic drinks is the main responsible factor for the increase in traffic accidents. Drunk drivers are directly involved in the increase of 50% of fatal accidents during this time of the year. Antarctica’s objective, the most consumed beer brand and sponsor of the event, was to make its consumers arrive safely at home after drinking. We developed The Beer Turnstile. A new underground turnstile for which the ticket was an empty Antarctica beer can. Via optical reading, the can was scanned and the passage freed. The person just needed to save the last beer can and use it to get home safely.