Day 3

So day 3 in Brazil… We are settled into our hotel on the 17th floor; the boys have their own room on the opposite end of the floor from us so in many ways they are on there own aka — man  phone calls to and fro and knocks on the door to make sure they are going to sleep and waking up!  Plus they are under strict orders to not touch all the overpriced Pringles and Cokes that are beckoning them —  🙂 We made our way to a grocery store and stocked up on some of our own goodies that we are doling out day by day so don’t worry, they are having help in their self-restraint!

We drove by our house which hopefully will be ready for us to move into on the 14th… its a nice neighborhood and in walking distance to some shops and actually not too far from the lake either — btw the Lake is gorgeous and I am hoping to get down there this weekend to see it more closely — that is — have a drink on the waterfront restaurant! lol  —  a lot of other newbies are in temp housing too so we are not alone in that regard and its better to be patient and get the house you want! It looks like too that our “stuff” is in country so it will be able to be delivered when we move in as well so that will be nice too!

Our Shaggy Van is a white WV bus called the “Carat” (ha as in diamond) here…  Its stripped bare; no radio, AC or heat, all manual windows , doors etc.. in many ways a glorified Golf Cart but It gets us to and fro — well until it broke down today on the way to school for the boys placement tests!  Ronan had to steer (its manual steering too!) while Jack and Brian pushed it for 3 blocks to a parking lot and then cab it to the School….  hopefully its a minor problem and not the beginning of another “SAAB” story (family members will certainly remember that reference)!
We have been to the Embassy — its small but nice — all the “activities” (basketball court, pool, restaurant etc) are there as well…  everyone we have met thus far have been very friendly and helpful and I am sure once we get more settled and attend some events we will get to meet more people and find some new “peeps” to hang out with!
The city is small but big at the same time — its very 1950’s style and it has much of the modern shops and restaurants you find in America– for a price though.. everything is very expensive here…  especially the food — it was over $80 US dollars to eat lunch at Pizza Hut yesterday and we only had 2 pies and some pasta… I am looking forward to having our house and making meals….  and much to my dismay there is no Diet Coke or Coke Light to be found in this country… its been a difficult withdrawal period lol… but on the flip side it is forcing me to drink lots of water which is much needed here because it is so dry here that we have all already gotten wicked dehydration headaches and nausea…  The entire city is not that large so it shouldnt be so hard to navigate and get around…  its so nice to be on roads that actually have signs(even though they are in Portuguese, pavement, and traffic lights!)  And god forbid we get in an accident, help (ambulance etc) will actually come!!!
We went to the boys school yesterday for orientation — it is very much in the city and has that city school feel to it but still has nice grounds etc.  its small — 600 students (K-12) but the “buddies” who took the boys around were very friendly and helpful and Jack especially feel easily into conversation/hanging out with them…  about half the school is Brazilian students so hopefully this will help the boys with their command of the Portuguese Language in addition to their classes at school…
They start on Monday and both will be trying out for the basketball teams that week as well…  got to keep them busy and keep them out of trouble —  there is a lot of wealth in this city and one of the boys that Jack met yesterday has a Lamborghini!  Which only prompted Jack to ask for $10000 for x-mas and his Bday so he can buy a mustang next summer, lol — this led to a long discussion about working and earning one’s keep!
I got a job too — cannot believe how quickly it happened here (much different experience then at Nairobi) — it will take a while- I think — (which is good) to start — but I will be an independent contractor doing background investigations…  a great gig that I will be able to take with me wherever we end up after this tour!  It’s a good thing too because as we are quickly learning how expensive everything is here we will need the extra $ to support this hungry teen boys!
Brian has settled nicely into his job and is busy/good…  It’s different from Nairobi but still exciting and challenging work which he is thoroughly enjoying!
Its been a whirlwind few first days but a good whirl of events…  adjusting day by day and once we start commanding the language a little more I think things will be so much easier —  I just tried to ask the salon downstairs how much for a pedicure and it sounded like they were talking about cheese or something and luckily one of the patrons spoke some English and could translate for me…  fyi — its 25 Reais for a pedicure or manicure — I think LOL!
I hope you all are enjoying the last weeks of your summer and that you too will have some excellent adventures too — stay tuned for more and for pictures too — I think I will start a blog page so that I can incorporate pics too… oxoxo  Stine

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